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 It is with pleasure to share the following with the professional property investors/buyers. I was looking for properties available on (the) internet and had to contact Willem Lottering from the estate agency "Sellmore Homes". He reacted quite promptly with an email on the message/email I sent him from the ad I saw. 

He referred me to their website  and "Terms & Conditions" on the home page. I was surprise(d) to find the information clear and explaining the procedure when....


  • Sellmore Homes is an Insolvent Estate specialist operating throughout most of South Africa. We operate as a preferred supplier to the banks and curators dealing with Insolvent Estates.

  • In our years of operation, we have moved many families into new homes and look forward to assisting you in the exciting journey of finding your next home!

How It Works

  • Once a prospective buyer has contacted us, we listen to his needs and educate him briefly (for now) telephonically.
  • We then send him to the terms and conditions posted here on our website. Once he has been through our terms and conditions and decides to proceed to viewing a property, he may contact us or complete the "I have read terms and conditions form". Our insolvent estate agent would then contact you.
  • The agent will answer any questions you may have and will attempt to book a viewing with you. A property is either empty or currently occupied by the insolvent.
  • Once you have completed your viewings and would then like to consider an offer to purchase, our agent will discuss the contract with you as deeply as you need.
  • To make an offer on an insolvent estate, a 10% cash deposit is required. (refunded if unsuccessful). After your offer is accepted, you may proceed with any needed bond/transfer fees and begin planning occupation. As with any property, you will be required to pay occupational rent while transfer is being processed.
  • To understand all costs involved please see our terms and conditions for buying an insolvent property and insert the purchase price of a property into our cost calculator to understand the fees involved.
  • Insolvent estate properties are often picked up at absolute bargains and we suggest that you visit our  "why buy insolvencies" page to understand the benefit of such a property.